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Lori Loughlin, 49, enjoys feeling she is part of other peopleís lives. ďI get a lot of people who tweet to me and say, ĎWill you be my Aunt Becky?í Ē says the former Full House star.

Loughlin, who has two teen daughters with her husband, designer Mossimo Giannulli, says, ďI live a fairly normal life, although I know I canít walk around Disneyland without a hat and sunglasses. Thatís where Iíd start to stir up a commotion.Ē

Loughlinís life may change, though, with two new projects. In Garage Sale Mystery on the Hallmark Movie Channel, she plays a detective on the case of a neighborhood murder. In the series When Calls the Heart, launching Oct. 5 on Hallmark Channel, she plays a 19th-century widow in a frontier town.

ďIím no spring chicken anymore,Ē Loughlin says, ďbut people will say to me, ĎOh youíre in good shape. What do you do?í I tell them, ĎItís all about taking care of yourself and being smart about what you eat, exercising and enjoying life. Thereís really no mystery. Itís a little bit of work, but anyone can do it. Youíve just got to put your mind to it.íĒ

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