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The Sims 3 Showtime and Katy Perry Collaboration
The Sims 3 Showtime and Katy Perry Collaboration: Katy Perry has joined forces with The Sims, one of the popular gaming franchises of all time. USA Today reporter, Marc Saltzman, had a chance to sit down with Katy Perry and discuss her collaboration with the hit EA gaming series.
Katy Perry from Electronic Arts The Sims 3 Seasons game. / © Electronic Arts, Inc.

For Katy Perry, “the holidays start Oct. 1 and go to Feb. 15,” she declares. The superstar plans to celebrate the season virtually, too. In the new computer game The Sims 3 Seasons ($39.99 for Windows PC and Mac), players can control Perry’s simulated character, dress her in holiday-themed outfits and take part in festivities.

What are your plans? I’m wearing my Spanx — I’m getting ready to expand. The holidays are about getting warm, being with family and friends, and eating a lot.

You seem to have an affinity for the holiday season. The holidays actually start for me October 1st and go to February 15th…. I just love the idea of having a good Christmas sweater party… It’s strange, in California, you don’t get to have all the seasons; you don’t get to do snow angels. Here there’s a big outdoor mall called The Grove and they simulate snow and everybody’s freaking out, whereas on the east coast they have to call in tractors and shovels and get this stuff out of here.

So, turkey or fruitcake? I’m a turkey person, and I could not probably attempt to make a turkey. My sister is a tofurkey person. In The Sims 3, you have the option to be a vegetarian, which I think is very considerate of the gaming world.

What made you want to be involved with The Sims franchise? You can do all these crazy things in the game. One of my favorite things is you can also “woo hoo” in an igloo – we all know what “woo hoo” means. [The game] is rated “Teen.” It’s fun because [Electronic Arts] approached me on the first record to do Hot n Cold in Simlish [the gibberish Sims language] so it’s almost been a natural relationship, it’s snowballed into this partnership.

Any Katy Perry music in this new game? Not new music – in the past they’ve used my music -- I also recorded Last Friday Night in Simlish, which I think went over very well. But it’s extra nice to have an audience of people not necessarily my fans or not exposed to music. I would like to go Simlish caroling though, is that possible (laughs)?

Favorite holiday memory? We’re the type of family who opens up one Christmas present the night before, and if you pick the huge one, it was always a box within a box within a box — so a pair of socks, basically.

Must-see Christmas flick? “Home Alone. I love when the mom goes, ‘Uh, did we forget something? Kevin!’ We have it on replay and everyone watches it forever.

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